Participatory ● Engaging ● Skill-building


I am an experienced educator with training in pedagogical methods that are rooted in empowerment, exploration and connection. I am a pedagogy nerd deeply invested in the ways people learn and become empowered and activated into radical change-making. My educational practice is rooted in the lineage of direct education, which I learned through Training for Change. I love designing and delivering workshops and trainings where the participants wisdom can shine and cross-pollinate.

My educational work has most often been rooted in the connections between human health and environmental health. I have worked leading healthy relationships and consent education with teens and young adults, queer and trans youth, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and school staff. I have trained dozens of advocates and organizers in skills to catalyze social change and has worked with children age 4 up holding space for them to explore nature through curiosity and play.

Contact me at for a menu of current offerings or to collaborate on developing programming.

Sample of Past Workshops

Exploring the living environment and disrupted connections to land-based knowledge

Intermediate Botany: Beyond basic plant keys

Herbal and body-based strategies for self- and collective nervous system care 

Writing New Worlds – a writing group for queer and trans activists

Mapping Points of Change and Intervention for your Community Campaign

Vermicompost – Bringing Worms to your Kitchen to turn food scraps to healthy soil

Kaleigh is a clinical herbalist, a restoration ecologist and an educator.

My practice is based on the territory of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, Mississauga,
Neutral, Erie and Huron-Wendat in Hamilton, ON.

I believe that our personal wellbeing, community health and health of the ecosystem are dependent on abolishing
the racist colonial Canadian state and the violent systems that uphold it.