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What is a Herbal Consultation?

A herbal consultation is a session where we sit down together and discuss your whole health picture. We will go over your health history, your physical and emotional concerns, what has and has not been working in your care.

We’ll talk about how you currently feel, how you want to feel, and what herbal strategies can support moving you there. I will recommend a customized holistic herbal protocol specific to your needs and the issues we discussed.  

Reasons someone might see an herbalist

Herbalists work with people on a variety of health issues and imbalances, both acute and chronic. It could be that you received a diagnosis and want supportive herbal care alongside other treatment strategies. You might go to an herbalist with trouble sleeping or insomnia, autoimmune conditions, for support with blood sugar management, if you are experiencing joint pain, low energy, or if you experience chronic digestive issues.

We could work together to support through through gender-affirming surgery, chronic low energy or post-viral recovery.

Herbal medicine isn’t so much a this-for-that matching of herbs to conditions, but works much better if we formulate with the whole picture of a person, their patterns and the whole picture of their health concerns. 

What to Expect


Herbalists neither diagnose nor directly treat diseases. We make assessments of imbalances based on patterns and physiologic presentation. We support healing using our understanding of physiology, pathophysiology, organ system dysfunction and energetics combined with phytochemistry and herbal therapeutics. We carefully assess all interactions that herbs may have with pharmaceutical medications, and can work with other health care practitioners if desired.

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Kaleigh is a clinical herbalist, a restoration ecologist and an educator.

My practice is based on the territory of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, Mississauga,
Neutral, Erie and Huron-Wendat in Hamilton, ON.

I believe that our personal wellbeing, community health and health of the ecosystem are dependent on abolishing
the racist colonial Canadian state and the violent systems that uphold it.